The Innovation Reboot Project™ is a not for profit, collaborative venture, aimed at academia, entrepeneurs and organisational managers. Our aim is to help to facilitate the identification and sharing of global good practices for Innovation Capability building.

We dynamically maintain an Innovation System Framework based on input from our sponsors, networks and contributors to this site. The framework is a summary of what we currently believe are the ‘must-do’ elements of an effective Innovation Ecosystem that can create value. Click here or on the icon in the side-bar to learn more.

If you’ve recently attended one of our Embedding Innovation in your Organisational DNA workshops and would like to download the slides, click here.

If you are just browsing, click to one of the seven archive tabs, in the site menu above, for example to “Strategy”, where you will find a list of good practice papers, tools and learning materials curated against each element of our, openly shared, good practice Innovation System Framework.

To help managers and entrepreneurs review their current status with Innovation and make improvement plans our Good Practice book “Innovation Reboot: How to Build, Manage and Assess Innovation Capability in Organisations and Teams” is now available in a ‘Facilitator Pack’ with the aim of providing a low cost way for managers or entrepreneurs to purchase multiple copies, and additional support materials,  in order to be able to engage their teams, networks and collaborators.

Single copies of Innovation Reboot, in hardback or paperback versions, can always be bought via Amazon, to learn more about our Facilitator Packs, click here. Profits from all of these sales go to maintain our networks and this sharing site.

Some of the transitions that we find Future Focussed Managers undertaking are listed below:
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