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Each quarter post a challenge, around which we hope we can focus, albeit with our simple low budget tools, the energies of Innovators around the world, to share what is working for them. The challenge for Q1:2014 is to identify the prerequisites that need to be managed for successful innovation and growth. Click here  to read our ‘white-paper’ on the prerequisites for success.

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Are you willing to become a Research Site? -Right from the start, one of the key concepts of the Innovation Reboot Project has been to freely disseminate the Innovation Capability Good Practice and Assessment Framework so as to attempt to create a common-language for assessment and good practice sharing. Many of you have downloaded the primer pack from the website and are now using these tools to provoke debates and plan improvements in your organisations. We now seek to find three users or potential users, who are willing to become Research Sites in 2014. The deal would be that you would undertake an Innovation Capability Assessment using our x7 element framework and be prepared for us to review and publish your experiences (but not any specific outcomes), we would provide, free of charge, the time and support of one our Innovation Reboot Project team members to help you facilitate the assessment and plan your improvements. If you’d like to explore more, how this could work out, please contact us via our response form.

In addition we’d  encourage you to:

  1. Post your ideas and comments on our blog pages.
  2. Submit to us new articles, for consideration for posting to any of the good practice pages on this site. Click here for a contact form.
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date
  4. Join an open discussion through the  ‘Innovation Reboot’ discussion group on LinkedIn.
  5. Read our Good Practice book “Innovation Reboot: How to Build, Manage and Assess Innovation Capability in Organisations and Teams” which contains insights into what we see as  proven innovation enabling practices and describes the Innovation Capability Assessment framework, that we use for good practice sharing, in depth. Profits from the book go to support the Innovation Reboot Project and this site.

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The Innovation Reboot Project™ is a not for profit, collaborative venture, aimed at both academia and organisational managers, with the objective of promoting the use of Innovation Capability Assessment Frameworks that may help to encourage the open, sharing of knowledge on what best enables Innovation Capability building in organisations. To do this we need your help and engagement in active discussions to help us identify and share ‘what works’.

The x7 Good Practice tabs, in the site menu are blog discussions, structured around the elements of our Innovation Capability Assessment Framework, which we use as a best practice-sharing model. If you click to a tab in the site menu above you will see a list of good practice papers, tools and learning materials/links,  that we curate and maintain based on our project teams views of what are  good practices for building  Innovation Capability in each of the x7 elements of this model.

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